Philips | Fibre Optic Lamp | 6853FO | EFN A1/230 | 12V DC 75W | GZ6.35 | 409744

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This Philips surgical lamp has been engineered to last, so it can reliably provide brilliant illumination for even the most complex procedures. The long-lasting GZ6. 5 bulb produces cool, shadow-free light that is gentle on patients' sensitive eyes during dental work. With medical-grade materials and construction, this lamp offers the light intensity and shadow reduction needed for precision work. Its versatile arm allows for easy positioning over the operating area. Together, these features mean enhanced visualisation for surgeons and less fatigue for staff - helping improve outcomes for every patient. The Philips name is synonymous with innovative lighting solutions that advance care, and this dental lamp continues that tradition by providing excellent illumination for surgical and dental work in a reliable, durable package.

Brand Philips 
Type 6853FO
Lamp Fibre Optic Lamp
Product Code 409744