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Welcome to our curated selection of duct accessories, where creativity and functionality come together! Improve the performance of your ventilation system and the ambience of your home or office with a variety of accessories. We provide everything you need to create a flawless airflow system, from connectors to dampers. Now let's get into the specifics:

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Quest 70 Supply/Return Duct Kit | 8" Duct Collar
Quest Dual 155 Return Duct Kit | 12" Duct Collar
Quest Dual 155 Supply Duct Kit | 10" Duct Collar
Silver Foil Aluminium Insulation Duct Tape - 48MM x 25M
Silver Foil Aluminium Insulation Duct Tape - 80MM x 25M
Silver Foil Aluminum Insulation Duct Tape - 75MM x 50M | 30mu
Poly Y Duct Connector - 6" x 6" x 6" inch (150MM)
Silver Foil Aluminum Insulation Duct Tape - 50MM x 50M

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are duct connectors?

A: Duct connectors are specialized components that link different parts of your ductwork. They ensure a secure and airtight connection, preventing leaks and optimizing airflow.

Q: How do dampers contribute to my ventilation system?

A: Dampers allow you to control the flow of air in your ducts, balancing the distribution of air throughout your space for improved temperature regulation and energy efficiency.

Q: Why should I consider flexible ducts?

A: Flexible ducts offer versatility and easy installation. They can be maneuvered around obstacles, making them perfect for tight spaces and unique layouts.

Q: What are access doors used for in duct systems?

A: Access doors provide a convenient entry point to your ducts, making inspections, maintenance, and cleaning hassle-free.

Q: Can I reduce noise in my ventilation system?

A: Absolutely! Noise reduction accessories like duct silencers and acoustic insulation help minimize disruptive sounds generated by airflow.

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